Race To Erase
Race To Erase


Race Results

On behalf of the charities, we would like to thank all participants & volunteers for taking part in the 6th Annual Race to Erase. Congratulations to The Golden Girls, this year's Race to Erase Champs! They finished the events in 1761 seconds. The final times have been posted below.

This year's event raised $41,130! Congratulations to this year's top fundraising team, Ladies of Hope, for raising more than $3,545 for St. Andrew's Hespeler Presbyterian Church. To check out how much each charity raised this year, visit the Charities page. Please note that we are still updating this page and this will be completed in the next week.

See you next year Cambridge!

Top 3 Fastest Times
The Golden Girls - 1761 s
DeRambosteins - 1883 s
Lethal Ladies - 2001 s

Individual Stop Winners
B. The Literacy Group - Scrabbled & Scrambled (Team WRPS - 73 s)
C. Cambridge Farmer's Market - Tastebud Tango (The Golden Girls - 71 s)
E. CJI - To Jail, or Not to Jail...THAT is the Question (The Fantastic Four - 21 s)
F. Sanguen Health Centre - Snacks, Smiles & Supplies (Usual Suspects - 38 s)
G. Kingpin - One Strike, You're Out! (Aiming for 3rd - 37 s)
H. Orangetheory Fitness - Throw or Row? (Restorative Justice League - 139 s)
I. Piatto Pizzeria - This is Your Brain...On Food (Usual Suspects - 21 s)
J. YMCA Immigrant & Employment Services - Multilingual Mix-Up (The Aristocats - 30 s)
K. The Caribbean Basket - Supermarket Sweep! (SOUP-er 4 - 251 s)
L. Catalytic Converters - This Stop is the Pits (Team Name - 105 s)
M. Threshold Homes and Supports - Do You Hear What I Hear? (SMACA Sistas - 15 s)
M. Threshold Homes and Supports - Do You Hear What I Hear? (Lethal Ladies - 15 s)
N. Ontario Christian Gleaners - Dried & Delivered (DeRambosteins - 142 s)

 1st Stop2nd Stop3rd Stop4th Stop5th Stop6th Stop7th Stop8th Stop9th Stop10th Stop11th Stop12th Stop13th StopTotal Time
DeRambosteinsB   128C   155D   E   38F   44G   118H   287I   169J   34K   629L   119M   20N   1421883
RJ RiotB   120C   121D   E   42F   65G   430H   225I   118J   59K   604L   126M   32N   2992241
The PartnersB   167C   89D   E   34F   53G   682H   309I   127J   59K   558L   207M   84N   4112780
Eat Our DustC   150D   E   33F   68G   561H   284I   117J   54K   609L   142M   29N   392B   1222561
Revive RocksC   370D   E   49F   83G   326H   266I   179J   54K   753L   272M   64N   691B   1483255
Restorative Justice LeagueC   475D   E   30F   86G   600H   139I   98J   76K   600L   234M   63N   397B   1652963
EdumacatorsD   E   31F   53G   241H   319I   91J   86K   522L   208M   26N   278B   135C   1412131
3 Gals. ft Some GuyD   E   38F   69G   343H   276I   89J   63K   624L   201M   56N   334B   117C   952305
Li'l DevilsE   59F   91G   581H   345I   85J   68K   479L   240M   29N   202B   119C   218D   2516
Pain Realists Literacy NinjasE   34F   70G   70H   414I   145J   55K   803L   244M   54N   298B   113C   164D   2464
SMACA SistasE   140F   75G   150H   286I   98J   57K   485L   187M   15N   913B   192C   158D   2756
The Fantastic FourF   111G   367H   210I   116J   88K   855L   170M   34N   317B   86C   123D   E   212498
Galactic HitchhikersF   140G   471H   262I   68J   50K   504L   162M   81N   371B   109C   170D   E   482436
DecpicitoF   127G   590H   288I   137J   67K   644L   293M   58N   913B   123C   187D   E   652579
Ladies of HopeG   393H   373I   157J   56K   553L   203M   33N   321B   143C   193D   E   38F   632526
Aiming for 3rdG   37H   240I   149J   66K   585L   177M   57N   316B   129C   195D   E   33F   602044
Rotaract Club of CambridgeG   600H   360I   121J   105K   654L   304M   57N   453B   292C   246D   E   46F   993337
Team WRPSH   282I   69J   144K   745L   156M   20N   455B   73C   156D   E   76F   63G   3662605
Jan's ClanH   484I   145J   129K   590L   197M   53N   398B   164C   189D   E   78F   93G   6083128
Lethal LadiesI   78J   173K   588L   142M   15N   264B   156C   107D   E   36F   56G   97H   2892001
LANDMARK BBB'SI   160J   122K   687L   160M   53N   180B   119C   134D   E   81F   57G   471H   3142538
Usual SuspectsI   21J   124K   1086L   133M   58N   173B   115C   92D   E   34F   38G   69H   2242167
The Golden GirlsJ   85K   494L   201M   31N   197B   159C   71D   E   31F   48G   151H   196I   971761
Stewart SerenityJ   162K   762L   239M   59N   386B   146C   151D   E   44F   54G   481H   251I   1182853
Bean There, Counted ThatK   594L   174M   76N   590B   184C   238D   E   55F   88G   308H   259I   107J   732746
The AristocatsK   840L   140M   94N   292B   99C   143D   E   76F   77G   447H   365I   141J   302744
Cirque Du Sore LegsL   200M   77N   157B   116C   100D   E   54F   59G   446H   257I   127J   42K   5602195
The Z teamL   284M   33N   414B   171C   226D   E   32F   72G   430H   310I   89J   82K   5332676
J.A.F.TL   141M   53N   409B   175C   397D   E   63F   84G   448H   300I   169J   56K   8993194
PickledM   46N   717B   163C   217D   E   81F   78G   204H   326I   176J   43K   513L   1912755
SOUP-er 4M   268N   336B   251C   224D   E   61F   78G   291H   400I   162J   69K   251L   1732564
H.T. and GangN   326B   199C   119D   E   48F   63G   102H   431I   123J   75K   614L   166M   1242390
Phonic BoomN   511B   92C   277D   E   38F   61G   60H   270I   155J   51K   453L   135M   312134
Team NameN   221B   193C   177D   E   39F   57G   262H   197I   109J   53K   627L   105M   442084